Mabel’s Labels

The lost and found at Huntley Centennial is filled to the brim.  The mittens and hats seem to go missing as fast as you can buy them. What’s a parent to do?  Easy – label your children’s valuable clothes.  

Mabel’s Labels has a good selection of personalized labels to make sure your kids clothes and equipment get back home again.
mabel_logo_tmIron-ons, Stickies, Bag Tags, Allergy Alert labels & more! Cool icons help even little ones identify their own belongings.  Dishwasher, microwave, laundry & kids tested! Dispatched within 24 hours!

To place an order at any time, please go to  Mabel’s Labels for HCPS

This link takes you to to a customized Mabel’s Labels entry page for HCPS.  If you enter the site through this link, the HCPS Parent Council gets a small percentage as a fundraiser.

This fundraiser is ongoing throughout the year. Place your order today!