Fundraising Events

Each year Parent Council will select a few fundraiser events as the focus for that school year. Some events are held annually, such as the Back to School BBQ and the Christmas Bazaar, and others are featured events/campaigns aimed at generating school community and raising funds to support the specific needs of the school, children and staff. Check out the Fundraiser Spotlight page to see details on featured fundraising campaigns for this year.

Keep an eye out for emails/flyers outlining new fundraising activities and events! Please check out this page and the Fundraiser Spotlight regularly for details on featured fundraising activities!

NOTE: due to COVID-19 the following annual fundraisers will not take place for the 2020/2021 school year.

Some of our annual school community fundraisers include:

Back to School BBQ – Each year in September we hold a back to school BBQ, where you can visit your child’s classroom and meet the teacher. We need volunteers to help make the BBQ a success and we ask any parents that are able to donate 1/2 hour of their time to let us know.

Arts Festival – Huntley Centennial School holds an arts festival in May most years. The Parent Council usually sells snacks as a fundraiser. Volunteers are needed to help to set up and tear down as well as to serve refreshments.

Christmas Bazaar – Children select inexpensive presents for their family from the hundreds of used or unneeded ‘treasures’ that are donated by parents. Parents appreciate the opportunity to recycle items that are not currently in use. Children love to surprise their parents with gifts they alone picked out. One thing is always certain: Whatever gift your child gives you, it’s your treasure now! Volunteers are always needed to sort items, man sales booths, and clean up the gym afterwards.