Welcome Back to Huntley!

Huntley Families

The school is looking beautiful and we are really excited to see all of our returning and new students! Our yard improved over the summer with the addition of 8 new trees and we look forward to receiving our new bench and picnic table later this fall.

On Tuesday, class lists will be posted on the windows facing the school yard. Students will find their name and new teacher and go to the sign with the teacher’s name. There will be staff available to help any who cannot find their name.

If it is raining, students will come right in the school starting at 8:00 or when their bus arrives. Grades 1-4 will go to Gym 2 (the newer gym) and Grades 5-8 to Gym 1 (the original gym). Class lists will be posted on the walls and they will be able to find their teacher by the list.

Kindergarten students do not come to school on the bus until their scheduled first day of school. All parents of kindergarten students should have received information about their intake interview date and time.

We trust that everyone will have a fabulous first day and school year. Enjoy the beautiful weather this long weekend.


Colleen Irvin (Principal) and  Jay Blauer (Vice Principal)