NEW On-Line Lunch Ordering & Payment Trial with Mucho Buritto

HCPS Parent-Council is pleased to be conducting a 2-day pilot trial for a potential 3rd lunch program with Mucho Burritto, using a NEW on-line lunch ordering and payment tool.

NOTE: This is not linked to the ongoing lunch programs (pizza and subs) and will have no impact on any other program.

The following lunch items will be available to order:

Kindergarten to Grade  3 – Mini Buritto (Chicken, cheese and rice inside a small flour tortilla) – $3.80

Grade 4 to Grade 8 – Regular Buritto (Chicken, cheese, rice & beans inside a regular flour tortilla) – $4.90

A gluten-free option is available, with the ingredients served in a bowl, without the tortilla. Salsa and sour cream will be available in the classroom, if required.

The buritto’s were taste tested by the children of parent-council members and they loved it!

The on-line lunch ordering & payment trial with Mucho Buritto will be held on:


Note: Should a SNOWDAY or CANCELLED SCHOOL DAY happen to fall on either of the two scheduled days, the program will be cancelled for that day & will not be rescheduled or refunded.

If you would like to participate in this lunch trial we would need you to register your children on the following website <>, using the school’s access code of HCHL.

Please place your order for the burrito’s and make your payment using your paypal account or your credit card. NOTE: For this trial we will not be accepting payment by cheque.

Your orders would need to be placed and payment made by February 10th in order to participate in this trial.

The trial will be looking at two specific topics, and we would really appreciate your feedback:

1)      Mucho Burrito – Did your children like the burrito? Do you consider the pricing to be acceptable? Would you want parent-council to add an additional lunch program in September for Mucho Burrito to be held every Thursday? Would you order the Mucho Burrito for your children if it is offered in September?

2)      Hot Lunches.Net on-line ordering and payment tool – Would you be happy to use the on-line ordering and paypal tool? Would you prefer to pay by cheque? Do you have any ideas for improvement?

Please provide your feedback to at any time during or after the trial.

If this lunch trial is successful, and feedback is positive, then we plan to have the milk and lunch programs set up using this new on-line tool in September 2014, and potentially add a 3rd lunch program using Mucho Burrito.

We will let you know the results of the trial as soon as all the information has been collated and reviewed by parent council.

We really appreciate your participation in this trial and look forward to receiving your valuable feedback.

Thank you.

HCPS Parent-Council