HCPS Parent Council Volunteers Needed ASAP

Want to get involved and be active in your child’s school? The following important parent council positions are OPEN, and we need to fill them before the end of June, so that we can provide a thorough knowledge transfer and hand-off all necessary documentation.

Lunch Coordinator – Manage hot lunch and milk vendors (confirm pricing, provide orders and arrange payment of invoices), Coordinate parent volunteers for lunch distribution at the school, Coordinate the delivery of food to the students, Ensure lunch bins are clean and in good repair, Collect any cheques from the office and enter into the hot lunches system, Ensure payment is received for all lunch orders, Answer any parent questions and concerns throughout the year. Requires 5-10 hours at the start of each schedule (September and February), plus approx. 1-2 hours per week maintenance.

Hot Lunches Website Webmaster –  Update vendors, products, pricing etc. in the hot lunches system, Create new schedules and menu’s for each hot lunch and milk program, Provide communications to all parents, Support parents questions or issues when using the hot lunches website. Requires 2-3 days of upfront work at the start of the school year, then on average, 1-2 hours of work spread throughout each month.

Note: This position could be combined with the lunch coordinator position, if you are comfortable with managing the hot lunches application.

Parent Council Website Webmaster – Manages and maintains the HCPS Parent Council Website.  Requires on average, an hour of work spread throughout the week.

Please contact Debbie Millar, if you are able to volunteer.

Our hot lunches lunch program is the biggest fundraiser for Huntley Centennial Public School, but we can only continue with the program if we have the necessary volunteers.