Proposed OCDSB Changes to Kindergarten and EFI for 2016-17

We would like to share information on the proposed changes to the OCDSB’s Kindergarten and Primary (Grades 1-3) EFI programs. We have attached information and a link to the parent survey to share your feedback.

Video of Proposed Changes to Kindergarten and Primary EFI

Summary Handout of Proposed Changes

Powerpoint Information of Proposed Changes

Link to OCDSB website homepage on topic

Link to Parent Survey


Colleen Irvin




Welcome Back to Huntley!

Huntley Families

The school is looking beautiful and we are really excited to see all of our returning and new students! Our yard improved over the summer with the addition of 8 new trees and we look forward to receiving our new bench and picnic table later this fall.

On Tuesday, class lists will be posted on the windows facing the school yard. Students will find their name and new teacher and go to the sign with the teacher’s name. There will be staff available to help any who cannot find their name.

If it is raining, students will come right in the school starting at 8:00 or when their bus arrives. Grades 1-4 will go to Gym 2 (the newer gym) and Grades 5-8 to Gym 1 (the original gym). Class lists will be posted on the walls and they will be able to find their teacher by the list.

Kindergarten students do not come to school on the bus until their scheduled first day of school. All parents of kindergarten students should have received information about their intake interview date and time.

We trust that everyone will have a fabulous first day and school year. Enjoy the beautiful weather this long weekend.


Colleen Irvin (Principal) and  Jay Blauer (Vice Principal)

Grade 8 Grad Photo’s and DVD now available

Attention Parents of HCPS Grade 8 Graduates!  Individual photos of the diploma and award presentations at the 2015 Graduation Ceremony are now available to download for free at the following link:

We have also made a DVD of all of the photos from the Shutterbug Photobooth at the Grad Dance which is available for $10 each.  The order form for these DVD’s can be found at  The deadline for DVD orders is Friday, July 17 at 11:00PM.  You will be contacted regarding pick up/delivery.

Thanks for all of your support! Grad Committee 2015.


Newsletter and Brave Video!

Huntley Community

Thanks to all our families who have helped us this year – classroom and field trip volunteers, School Council members, staff lunch and muffin contributors and Grade 8 Grad Committee members – you are all fabulous!

Here is our last newsletter of the school year.

We are also attaching a link to our whole school video to the song Brave by Sara Bareilles.  It was a wonderful collaborative project for our whole school community, coordinated and produced by Holly Burnell.  We will be using it to start conversations about resilience next year.  Have fun watching it and share it with your family and friends!

Colleen Irvin

Huntley’s BRAVE video

June 2015 Newsletter


Huntley Newsletter

Here is a copy of the newsletter that we posted on our Huntley Centennial website last week.


We also have a follow-up from Sylvain Flipsen:

Dear Huntley Community,
Just a quick update and thank you. With your help, we have raised $1295 for POGO (Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario) .  I would like to thank the Huntley community and all those who have supported me in my run. I couldn’t have done so well without you!
Sylvain Flipsen



Staff Member Running to Raise Funds

Dear Community of Huntley Centennial and Carp,

My name is Sylvain Flipsen, and I am a teacher at Huntley Centennial. I teach grades 4 and 5 in French Immersion, and Health and PhysEd to grade 4 and 6 students. I am also a runner and this year I will be running my fifth half marathon in Ottawa on May 24th. I have made it a personal goal to help raise money at one event per year, and I choose causes that are “close to home”. Our community has two young Huntley Huskies who are living with cancer. These young children were simply enjoying all the things young children should when they received the news that they had cancer. Thanks to ongoing research in the area of all cancer and the strides our health professionals have made in helping children and families understand and cope with this dispassionate disease, things are different in their lives, but they have good prognoses and the support needed to make it through the questions and the challenging times. That is why I have chosen to run for POGO (Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario This organization helps to raise funds for cancer research and offers support and practical information that will help improve the quality of life and sense of community for young patients and their families. Please join me in supporting POGO and these two young boys and their families by donating to me at POGO2015Simply scroll down to “Search for a Participant” and then type in Sylvain Flipsen. Click onto my name to be brought to my personal fundraising page where you can make a donation.

Thank you in advance for your generous support. I look forward to a successful run and fund raising campaign. My running goal is less than 1 hour and 50 minutes (around 5 minutes per km) and my fundraising goal is $1000.

p.s. if you are having difficulty with the link “POGO2015″ above, please enter the following url into your web browser.
M. Sylvain Flipsen                                              Mr. Sylvain Flipsen

Enseignant de la 4e/5e année en immersion       Grade 4/5 Immersion Teacher
É. p. Huntley Centennial                                     Huntley Centennial P.S.                         
“The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.”
— Samuel Johnson