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School Council Newsletter May

The latest edition of the school council newsletter can be accessed here: School Council Newsletter 2014-15 #33

This week’s newsletter includes an update on Labour Relations in our primary and secondary schools.

Ottawa-Carleton District School Board issues a weekly school council newsletter filled with information and events. Anyone can subscribe to the newsletter – not only members of school council.

School Council Newsletter April

The latest edition of the school council newsletter can be accessed here: School Council Newsletter 2014-15 #29

This week’s newsletter includes an update on Labour Relations in our secondary schools.

Some of the local events being held in April include a parent information evening on “Internet Safety”, a workshop on “Anxiety in Children – Helping parents build resilient kids” and two speaker series events on “Talking to Kids about Money” and “The Qualities of Engagement: The difference between work and play”


School Council Information & Updates

Did you know that the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board issues a weekly school council newsletter filled with information and events. Anyone can subscribe to the newsletter – not only members of school council.

The latest March 2015 edition of the school council newsletter can be accessed here: School Council Newsletter 2014-15 #27

Some of the local events being held in April include a parent workshop called “Redirecting children’s behaviour” and two speaker series events on “Talking to Kids about Money” and “The Qualities of Engagement: The difference between work and play

You can also subscribe to receive the weekly School Council Newsletter email.




OCDSB School Council Newsletter Nov 28, 2014

Hello Huntley Families,

Please find in the update email below, current events that are happening in our district and that may be of interest to you.

Sent of behalf of Michelle Giroux, Executive Officer, Corporate Services, OCDSB


School Council Newsletter
November 28, 2014

Next week, the District will be launching a consultation process to seek input into the development of our next strategic plan.  Starting Monday, December 1st, we will be sending e-mails to invite parents/guardians, students in grades 8-12, staff, and community partners to participate.  Parents, please note, you will only receive an e-mail invitation if the school has up-to-date contact information.  If you don’t receive an e-mail, you can still participate by going to our website and clicking the link for self-registration. Take a minute to watch our video which explains the process or go to our website for more information.
#Every School_Every Voice

Every School Every Voice


Playground Renewal Funding

Many school councils are interested in accessing funding for playground renewal.  The deadline for applications is being extended from November 30th to December 5th.  In response to some of your questions, and with the help of a dedicated parent, we have posted some additional information in the form of frequently asked questions as well as a new flowchart to better explain the process.


School Council Insurance Certificates

Certificates of insurance confirming school council’s coverage for the period November 1, 2014 toC November 1, 2015 were sent to school principals today.  The school council insurance coverage is funded by the school district and is provided through the Ontario School Boards’ Insurance Exchange (OSBIE) and Jones Brown Insurance Brokers.  Principals will provide a copy of the insurance certificate to the school council chair. The process to be followed in the event that an incident occurs is:

  1. School Council informs OSBIE using the contact information listed on the bottom left hand corner of the insurance certificate; and
  2. School Council informs the school principal and Sandra Lloyd, Manager of Risk and Supply Chain Management.

Concussion Management

The district has been working on a new policy and procedure on concussion management.  This work began last year and in the course of our work, the Ministry released requirements for all school boards to develop policies in this area. The Committee of the Whole will be discussing the draft policy and supporting procedure and related documents at its meeting on December 9th. The science on head injury prevention and concussion management is pretty clear – “when in doubt, sit it out”.  Parents might also be interested in reading about CHEO’s award winning doctors who have developed guidelines in concussion management.

Green Employer, Active Transport Policy

The district is researching the development of a new policy related to greening and in particular, active transportation strategies.  An important part of the research includes community consultation.  Last week, a presentation was made to school councils at OCASC.  For those who were not present, please take a look at our website and read more about this work in a recent report to Committee of the Whole.  Your feedback in response to these questions is welcome – the deadline for comments has been extended to December 12th.

Physical Education and Health Curriculum Consultation

Many parents are asking about the consultation on changes to the physical education, human development and sexual health curriculum.  This is a consultation by the Ministry of Education. School districts were asked to invite one parent from each school to respond to a survey. At the OCDSB, principals were asked to work with the school council chair to select the parent participant.  If you are looking for more information, please see the Ministry document.

Woodworking as Art at Osgoode Township High School (OTHS)

A wonderful new original piece of artwork is hanging on the walls of OTHS. Dan Breithaupt’s Grade 10 Woodshop class created the large 3D art project while working with Artist Oliver Drake and Shaun Elie.  The artists spent time at OTHS through sponsorship from the Multicultural Arts for Schools and Communities (MASC) program and Telus Communications. Each student was asked to bring something from home to contribute to the 3D Mural. Then, using their imaginations, they each shaped a block of wood around their object. Finally, the objects were combined to build the large 3D mural.It was a very positive experience for our students.

Math Facts

Learn more about math instruction from the Ministry of Education.  This link connects to a page with a number of resources that parents might be interested in.  Take a look at the power point called “Why Has Math Instruction Changed?

Meetings that Matter….


Board and Committee of the Whole Meetings

On December 1st, we will welcome in the newly elected Board at a Swearing In Ceremony and Welcome Reception at 7:00 p.m. in the Board Room.  Please join us for the ceremony and reception from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. at 133 Greenbank.

This week we said farewell and thank you to the outgoing Board of Trustees.  Watch the farewell video from the meeting.
Other upcoming Committee Meetings:

Advisory Committee for Extended Day and Child Committee – December 4th 7:00 p.m. (Trustee Committee Room – 133 Greenbank Rd.)
Committee of the Whole – December 9th 7:30 p.m. (Boardroom – 133 Greenbank Rd.)
OCASC Secondary School Committee – December 11th 7:00 p.m. (Fisher Park PS)


Places to Go…Things to Remember



Carleton Heights Public School – Official re-opening ceremony – December 3rd – 6:30 p.m.

You are invited to celebrate the grand re-opening ceremony for Carleton Heights Public School. A major renovation project was undertaken during the last school year and students returned to a brand new school in September 2014. Tours of the school will be available from 6:30 p.m.

J.H. Putman Craft Sale – Thursday December 11th 5:30 – 8:30 p.m.

You’re invited to the J.H. Putman’s Craft Sale on Thursday, December 11th.  There will be everything from hand-made pens to jewelry. The craft sale will be open at 5:30 -8:30. Everyone is welcome!




Snowsuit Drive – Schools Helping Schools – Huntley Centennial – Until December 5

The students in the Leadership Council at Huntley Centennial are having a “snowsuit” drive the 2 weeks beginning November 24th – December 5th. The students will be collecting any CLEAN or NEW winter clothing items such as hats, scarves, mitts, snowsuits, boots, etc. and delivering the articles to R.E. Wilson Public School the week of December 9th. Last year’s donations were huge, and we hope to equal (or perhaps even better!) with this year’s campaign. There will be a drop-off box located in the main foyer by the front door, and bagged contributions are welcome any time during these two weeks.  Donations are welcome from all school communities.


School Movie Nights

This fall, many of you asked questions about school movie nights and what restrictions apply. The OCDSB has a license agreement (license option B) which allows all schools and/or school councils to screen legally obtained commercially available feature length films.  This means that you can host a movie night in your school outside of regular school hours, as a school related fundraiser, and for audiences including students, parents, siblings and family members.  The license is withAudio Cine Films and you can learn more on their website.


Inclement Weather Reminder 

While there might be a reprieve early next week, it seems that snow and colder temperatures are going to be with us for a while.  Please use extra caution and slow down in school parking lots or pick up and drop off areas.  Also, a reminder to parents to ensure that students are dressed appropriately for outdoor play.  The OCDSB has a procedure regarding extreme weather conditions and we monitor the forecast issued by Environment Canada.


Changes to School Start Times

The start times at a number of schools in the district may change effective September 2015. These changes are commonly referred to as “Bell time’ changes and are the result of a review of transportation services.  Over the past year, the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority (OSTA) has conducted a system-wide review of bell times.  The purpose of the review is to align the bell times in such a way that school bus service can be better managed.  The “bell time” changes are divided into 2 categories; changes of 10 minutes or less and changes of 11 minutes or more.  The main difference between the two categories is decision-making process.  OSTA has the authority to make decisions about changes of 10 minutes or less.  School Boards are responsible for making changes of 11 minutes or more.  Read more about what changes have been approved, what changes are recommended and how you can provide feedback on the proposed changes.


School Council Finances

By now, most of you will have your new school councils in place. A challenge for every council is the continuity of operations as old members leave and new ones join. This is particularly true for school council treasurer’s who need to get financial records from the previous treasurer.  The treasurer performs a key role on school council. The recent presentation on finances at the School Council Training Day has excellent information for treasurers.  A resource guide will be coming soon- stay tuned! In the interim, all school councils should ensure that:

  • Ensure that the list of authorized signing officers for school council transactions is updated.
  • All cheques are signed by two authorized signing officers.
  • A monthly financial report is presented at school council meetings;
  • Proper year-end reports are completed each year and filed with the Council and the District.

Have a wonderful weekend.



Michele Giroux
Executive Officer, Corporate Services
Ottawa-Carleton District School Board
613-596-8211 ext. 8607

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OCDSB School Council Newsletter, Oct 24



School Council Newsletter
October 24, 2014


At the end of a very difficult week in our community, it’s fitting that today is United Nations Day – a day to promote unity and peace, and it is also Diwali – the Hindu festival of lights which “signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair”.  

On Wednesday, we moved quickly to secure our schools.  We worked with our community partners, including Ottawa Police Services, the City of Ottawa, the Ottawa Catholic School Board and the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority to make timely decisions and communicate information to school principals and to parents and community members.  In crisis situations our first and fastest method of communication is through the media – radio, tv and print.  We also use social media, our website, automated voice messaging, e-mail messaging, telephone trees and direct contact with parents. We have received much positive feedback about our communication on Wednesday and we have also heard ideas about how we can improve.  As always, we welcome your feedback. Parents can help by ensuring that the school has up-to-date contact information for you; that includes home, work, and cellular phone numbers, e-mail addresses and a designated emergency contact.


We posted resources for parents to help support your child in stressful situations. This tip sheet has excellent suggestions to help your children and to help you deal with the complex emotions that we experience at times like this.   


Director’s Web Page  – Reflecting on Wednesday’s Events

Read the Director of Education’s reflections on Wednesday’s events.  This summary of the day’s events and how the school district responded was posted to the Director’s webpage on Wednesday evening.

Taking Care – The Importance of Public Health 

With increasing media coverage about public health concerns, we often get questions about what plans are in place in schools. The OCDSB has a strong working partnership with Ottawa Public Health (OPH) and we keep in regular contact. As public health professionals, we follow their advice and advisories when developing plans for schools.  The OPH website has a wealth of information that you might find useful.  Learn more about the current flu clinic schedule for the City of Ottawa; develop your understanding of the Ebola virus; or read the resource material they have about dealing with stressful events.

Speaker Series

Mark your calendars for two important upcoming presentations in the next three weeks.  Both presentations are being offered as part of our Speaker Series – free presentations on topics that are important to parents and educators.

Standing Up to Hate – Ending Discrimination and Intolerance – Nov 5th

Dr. Eva Olsson will share her personal story about the Holocaust and being a prisoner in Auschwitz death camps.  It’s an amazing story about perseverance, resilience and hope. This session will be held on November 5th from 7 pm to 9 pm at Sir Robert Borden High School, 133 Greenbank Road. Take a look at this video of Dr.Olsson speaking with high school students.


Developing Social Emotional Skills in Children – Nov 11th

Dr. Oliver John is an expert in understanding personality development.  He will be speaking about children and the ways in which social development of children can affect outcomes. He will also talk about parenting strategies to support the development of social emotional skills in children. Find out more and if you are interested, Dr. John has a personality test that you might want to try. The session will be held at Sir Robert Borden High School from 7 pm to 9 pm.


Finding Your Pathway 2014 (Formerly World of Work)

There will be over 70 presenters in the areas of work, trade, college and apprenticeship on site at the Finding Your Pathway Grade 8 Career Forum on Wednesday, October 29.  The goal is to interact with Grade 8 students as they prepare for their next steps on their educational journey – high school.  Students will also be able to review high school technology initiatives, Focus and Special High Skills Majors programs. The career forum is scheduled for Wednesday, October 29, at the Ernst & Young Centre.   


Math Facts

Math skills are an important aspect of financial literacy.  Take a look at the Ministry of Education’s financial literacy page.  Learn more about the grade 4-8 and/or 9-12 financial literacy curriculum resource guides.  Check out this website for information, quizzes and more – Get Smarter About Money.

Meetings that Matter….

Board and Committee of the Whole Meetings

The next Committee of the Whole Meeting is Monday, November 3rd, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. Read the agenda, there are reports about the annual student achievement results, a draft trustee code of conduct, a year 3 status report on progress on our strategic objectives, the new capital planning policy, interim measures regarding school accommodation in Kanata North, and revisions to the audit committee policy and other minor housekeeping policy changes.

SEAC Meeting

This week’s SEAC meeting was rescheduled to October 30, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.  Read the agenda.

Check out our calendar of meeting dates to see what other meetings are upcoming.

Calling Interested Committee Volunteers

The District is looking for volunteers to serve on the Special Education Advisory committee (SEAC).  More details about the committee, the roles and responsibilities of members and the application process is available on our website.

Boundary Revisions – Consultation Documents and Timelines

We are reviewing school boundaries in several areas of the City, read the overview or the detailed consultation reports for the following areas:

 Mer Bleue Explansion Area (Orleans)
Cardinal Creek New development area (Orleans)
Central Park MFI 4-8 boundary revision
Valley Stream Secondary 9-12 boundary revision
West Carleton MFI 4-8 boundary revision
Riverside South New development areas (south of Armstrong Rd. and east of Limebank Rd.)
J.H. Putman/Broadview 7-8 EFI boundary revision (Carlingwood area only)

We would like your input about possible boundary revisions in schools in these areas. This review process will commence in early October 2014 and be completed by the end of December 2014. It should be noted that proposed changes would not be implement until the 2015-2016 school year at the earliest – and not without your input!

The OCDSB is holding public consultation meetings on October 28th and November 5th and 10th. Learn more about the meetings and read the following two reports – the first describes the seven potential minor attendance boundary revisions in different locations across the District.  The second report outlines a proposal to expand elementary alternative program boundaries (to areas not currently served by the program.


Places to Go…Things to Remember

Pleasant Park Book Sale – October 25th 

The Pleasant Park/Hawthorne Used Book Sale, featuring thousands of affordable books, will once again take over the Pleasant Park Public School gymnasium on Saturday, October 25. Doors open at 9 a.m. and remain open an extra hour this year, until 2 p.m. The school is located at 564 Pleasant Park Road (at Lynda Lane). 


Parent Workshop on Behaviour Management Strategies – October 25th

Behaviour Management Strategies for the Child with Learning Disability and ADHD

Register online or call 613.567.5864

October 25, 2014 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Where:  Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School Tickets


Colonel By Concert Band Performance – October 28th

The Colonel By Concert Band will perform at Canada’s National Arts Centre as part of “ConneXXions 2014” from 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday the 28th of October. 


Hilson Avenue Public School Transforms Into An Art Gallery – October 28th

After months of planning, volunteers will be mounting about 250 large black-and-white portraits on the exterior of Hilson Avenue Public School on October 28th in a moving tribute to the connection between the school and its community. The public exhibit is part of a global art project called “Inside Out” that was launched in 2011 by TED Prize winner and Parisian artist JR. The images on the school will be the faces of the school’s students, as well as teachers, support staff, volunteers and many other people in the community who encourage Hilson students to be the best they can be. The posters will be up between 9:00 a.m. to noon on the 28th. The weather’s effect on the posters will determine how long the installation will last.

Westwind Public School Speaker Event – November 6th 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Dr. Maggie Mamen – Different Folks, Different Strokes:  Understanding and Supporting our Children Through School

This presentation will examine how different personalities and learning styles can impact a child’s experience of school, and will provide some ideas and strategies for encouraging independence, accountability and progress. Dr. Maggie Mamen is an award-winning psychologist and best-selling author who works with children and their families in a multi-disciplinary private practice in Ottawa, Ontario.  Before starting this practice in 1990, she worked at Carleton University, CHEO and the former Carleton Board of Education.  Maggie provides seminars and presentations to groups of parents, teachers and other professionals both nationally and internationally.  She and her husband have three adult children on whom they practiced and three grandchildren who reap the benefits.


Clifford Bowey School Council Chef Night – November 15th

“Chef Night: Savour Autumn” will be held on Saturday, November 15th at 6:00 pm at Clifford Bowey Public School.  The evening will include a cooking demonstration with renowned Chef Justin Scott followed by a three-course dinner and a silent auction.  Tickets are $45 per person and can be purchased online. The Silent Auction portion of the event is already up and running online.  Anyone can participate, whether they are attending the event or not.



Parent Guide to Assessment, Evaluation & Reporting (9-12)

We’re excited to share our new Parent Guide to Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting.  The guide will help you better understand assessment, evaluation and reporting and answers some of the most common questions you may have regarding your child’s progress. It also provides you with tips on how to talk with your child and his or her teachers. Hardcopies of the secondary version are in schools now.  The elementary version is coming soon.


Secondary Parents – Scholarship/Bursaries

There are many free resources available to assist you in your search for scholarships, bursaries and awards? Check out our website for more information or talk to your child’s guidance counsellor for more information. Several deadlines are coming up.


Free Online French Homework Help – Bonnes Nouvelles!!!

The OCDSB has partnered with Voilà Learning and dozens of French teachers to provide free online French homework help to your children/students registered in a French program. Students will need access to a computer (at home) and internet. Register, and you will receive an e-mail every Monday and Wednesday at 3:30 letting you know that a French teacher is available online to help your child every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings, from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. REGISTER YOUR CHILD WITH VOILA LEARNING TODAY 


Click here for Homework Help in English 


Please Vote in the Municipal Elections – October 28th

Finally, a reminder that Monday is Municipal Election Day in Ontario.  Please make the time to get out and vote for City Council and for School Board Trustee.  

Have a great weekend.


Michele Giroux
Executive Officer, Corporate Services
Ottawa-Carleton District School Board
613-596-8211 ext. 8607
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