How and when should I contact School Council?

Considering bringing something to the attention of the school council? Here are some tips for deciding how to proceed:

  • Is it urgent — for example, is student health and safety possibly at risk? Then contact the school office immediately at (613) 839-2020.
  • Is it something that applies to only your child or to some or all of the student body or school? If it applies to your child or a few students only, we recommend you first talk to the teacher and if needed then consult with the principal or vice-principal. If you still feel you need to talk to someone after that, then contact the School Council by email-
  • Is it an idea for supporting student learning or improving communication with parents? If you think it is something that the School Council rather than the school could tackle — for example, an idea for a parent information session — then contact the School Council. If it’s something that school staff would be more likely to handle, such as a suggestion for improving the school newsletter, then contact the school.
  • If you aren’t sure whether to bring your item to school council, you can always contact the School Council Chair. They will be more than happy to provide feedback on how best to proceed.