A Resource available to Huntley Primary Students

Learning A-ZThe Huntley Centennial Public School Council has agreed to renew a license for an internet-based learning product called Raz Kids.com.  This product was developed by the U.S. company Learning A-Z .  This is the same company that makes the printable black and white Reading A-Z leveled readers with the alphabetical level indicator many of the primary grade teachers at Huntley use in their classes.

If you already are signed up please email BRohr@me.com and let me know if you are interested in continuing – Mr. Husky’s class may not be renewed if there is not enough interest, but your child could be transferred to Ms. Husky’s class.

If you don’t have an account please email Beth Rohr (Alex and Laurel Pychyl’s mom) at BRohr@me.com and let me know:

  1. your child(ren)’s name(s), Let me know if you want to use a nickname as a username as the “class” page will be public.
  2. The parent’s name and email address you want associated with the child.

www.learninga-z.com is having an open house for all its products from May 6 – 10.

Once again, the Huntley School Council is willing to cover the costs, we just need to know how many children are interested so that we can purchase the necessary licenses.


Raz Kids.com allows children to access leveled readers from any computer that has an internet connection (Mac or PC).  Once registered as part of a class, the student can log into the site, choose a leveled reader, listen to the book, read the book, record themselves reading the book and then take a short comprehension quiz.   All the while, they are earning points they can use to purchase supplies for their Raz Rocket.

The readers can also be accessed on a tablet, although the recording ability is not available via a tablet.

Parents can access the site and keep track of your child’s progress.

Unfortunately even though the Reading A-Z series includes French translations, Raz Kids only contains English readers.