Speaker Series – Upcoming Presentations

Our first Speaker Series presentation with Dr Jo-Anne LeFevre was amazing. Many parents attended to learn more about how their children learn math. Here are some details about the next two presentations scheduled in February and April. Don’t miss it !

Reducing Bullying: Teaching Relationship Solutions

presented by Dr. Tina Daniels (Carleton University)

Wednesday, February 26th at 7pm in the Arts Room at Huntley Centennial

We have come to understand bullying as a relationship problem.  This relationship perspective helps focus attention on building relationship skills in all children and youth.  Relationship solutions can change the dynamic so that bullying behavior no longer produces gratification for the child or youth who is engaging in it.  Long-term solutions are developed within the context of healthy and caring relationships with others.  We are challenged with the task of changing our social milieu by focusing on building skills that are incompatible with bullying that will modify students’ behaviour.  Come out and join our dialogue about this important issue.


Speaking Up for the Quiet Ones: Shy and Anxious Children at School

presented by Dr. Robert Coplan (Carleton University)

Wednesday, April 9th at 7pm in the Arts Room at Huntley Centennial

For many young children, it is a common experience to feel somewhat wary or nervous when meeting unfamiliar people or encountering new situations.  However, about 15% of young children are considered extremely shy, routinely experiencing fear and anxiety in social contexts to a degree that hinders their abilities to interact with other children.  The school environment represents a particular challenge for shy children.  This talk will highlight the development of shyness in childhood, with a particular focus on shy and anxious children’s school adjustment – and on what parents and teachers can do to help out.